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Querencia Kennel Services

Call Joe at 406-333-4500

We answer our phones 24/7, give us a call - we look forward to helping you!

Day Care


Dog Boarding


Dog Training


Small Dog Friendly

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Day Care
Day Care

Available 7:00AM - 7:00PM

Querencia Kennels provides a safe and secure environment for your dog while you enjoy all of the wonders and activities of this special area. Each dog has its own 4' x 6' room with an Igloo dog house, shade and water. Group play, where appropriate is supervised. Dogs with special needs are treated separately. No dog is stressed here. This is their "Querencia" - a safe, serene, refuge.

Dog Boardng
Dog Boarding

Your dog is welcome to spend the night. Checkout the next day is by 11:00 AM. We feed morning and evening, our food or yours. There is no charge for special foods or medications.

Dog Training
Dog Training

Every dog receives some training while staying at Querencia. Coming when called, going into their kennel and being polite to others are all part of our daily routine.

Basic Training & Obedience

What motivates your dog? We use food drive, retrieve drive, prey drive and affection to motivate and reward your dog to want to come when called, walk quietly at your side and sit next to you patiently waiting for your next command.

Our training philosophy and methods are based upon:

Our training clients all want to tell you how pleased they are with our results.

Short-term boarding and training - $150/day

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience covers the simple rule of good manners.
Our training includes:

Sit, Stay, Here, Down, and Heal. As well as e-collar conditioning on these commands.

Puppy Training

We work with you and your puppy to resolve problems with House Training, Crate Training, Jumping up, Nipping, Mouthing, Chewing, and Socialization with other dogs and people. It is never too soon to start training your dog.

Comprehensive Training Package

Coming when called, SIT as a position, not temporary, until released. "Don't drag me down the road" when walking on lead. E-collar conditioning on the SIT and HERE commands. Additionally, we teach "kennel" on command, "quiet" for inappropriate barking, how to play tug, introduction to tracking, stimulating the retrieve drive, and introduction to whistle sit and whistle come.

We strongly recommend the Dogtra 1900s e-collar for every owner, for $250.00. Joe Skaggs can purchase the collar for you and will show you how to use it upon pick-up.

small dog friendly
Photo May 16, 9 22 12 AM.jpg
Small Dog Friendly

We have special accommodations for small dogs and seniors. They can hang out on the leather couch or at the foot of Joe's bed.



Day Care

$40.00 per day; pick-up & drop-off available 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

  • If you are arriving after 7:00 pm you will incur an additional $10.00 and may either leave dog overnight or call for a late pick-up. 

  • 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Overnight Boarding

Single-Night Boarding: $50

  • Checkout at 11:00 AM

  • Multi-dog families save 10% on boarding


Short-term Boarding and Obedience Training : $150 per day

Private training session with owner: $100 a session

14-day Boarding & Training: $1,500 (our most popular package)

New Puppy Board + Train: $200 per day

  • Puppies who are 8 to 12 weeks of age


Additional Add-on's:

Individual half-hour Yellowstone River Romp & Run: $25.00

Large Raw Beef Knuckle Bone from Matt's Butcher Shop: $10.00 each

We accept dogs with extreme separation anxiety and/or aggression as well as females in heat - $25.00 per day surcharge

Note: We provide dog food or will feed your food at no additional charge, to include medications & supplements.

Please be sure to follow these guidelines before arriving with your dog:

  • Give us a call an hour prior to arrival to ensure we are available to meet with you when you drop off.

  • Dogs must be up to date on the following vaccinations: DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza), Bordetella and Rabies.

  • Pack enough food for your dog's visit and feeding/medication instructions

  • Querencia Kennels provides dog dishes and water buckets (these are not necessary to pack)

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