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Meet our Dog Trainers

Joe has had a life long love of dogs. He began training Labrador Retrievers for hunting in 1980 and transitioned to training for hunt tests and then competition in licensed field trials. Joe has trained numerous competition field trial dogs including AFC Abaroska Sioux Not A Frail (Suzie) who qualified for 3 National Amateur Championships.

Joe continues to train retrievers for competition, he is also a senior judge for AKC Retriever Performance events and has judged all over the United States, to include Alaska.

Joe's main focus today at Querencia Kennels is basic good manners and politeness: Come when called, kennel on command, avoid inappropriate barking and be nice to others.

Joe has recently added working with aggressive and reactionary dogs, with great success. Dogs considered vicious and unmanageable returned home as nice dogs.

Joe Skaggs - Dog Man
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