Meet our Dog Trainers

Joe Skaggs

A long time ago I was invited by a friend to go duck hunting in flooded timber, a cypress swamp, in Virginia.  He had an old Labrador Retriever named Pepper. We shot quite a few ducks in the dim light of dawn and would never have recovered any of them without Pepper. He struggled to get over fallen logs but he found and retrieved every duck. I was hooked. I had to have a trained Lab. I bought a puppy and taught myself everything I needed to know. 


I went from hunting to hunt tests and then to field trials. I started working with other experienced trainers and became better and more knowledgeable about the training industry. Soon after, people started asking me for help with their dogs. That gave me the idea of starting my own business.  I expanded my kennels and started boarding and training dogs to help pay the bills. I found a passion for training dogs and was pretty good at it. Now I train Labs  for hunting, explosive detection, search and rescue and tracking. I became a retriever specialist. I also teach other people's pets to walk on lead and to come when they are called.

Mike Skaggs

After college, I traveled to Germany where I met my wife. We continued to travel and work together in the ski industry but were looking for more of a community. We decided to return to my home, Paradise Valley/Livingston, MT to grow our roots. We are raising our daughter & son (future dog trainers) in this beautiful place.

I assist with the kennels as well as the booking of our lodge. You will often find me out and about on the property with our daughter & son in tow. We love our little community! I am also a soccer coach, a ski instructor at Bridger Bowl, and work for the City of Livingston Parks Department.